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Update Module


Update Module is a module which is included in the tapio CloudConnector. The module checks frequently if a newer version of the CloudConnector is available. If there is a newer version it will download and trigger the installation of the newer version.


The configuration for the update module is automatically done by the tapio CloudConnector with default values. When you need specific values, it is possible to add the update module to the modules section in the configuration.

<Module xsi:type="UpdateModuleConfig">
<!-- Retry after 1 Minute when an error occur -->
IdrequiredIdentifier for the module. value = TapioUploadModule
AutoUpdateEnabledoptionalAuto update of the CloudConnector is default active(default true). To disable you need to set false
RegularUpdateCheckIntervaloptionalThe regular update check interval (default 7 days)
NextCheckDelayoptionalThe next check delay (timespan). Per default this will be calculated by the cloud connector id
ErrorUpdateCheckIntervaloptionalThe after error update check interval (default 8 hours)