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Get Application Capability

Allows the retrieval of application information in the context of given machines.

Path Parameters
  • capabilityType string required

    Capabilitiy type

Request Body

Capabilities request

  • tmids string[]

    The list of tmids (TapioMachineIds) to request the capabilities for

  • applicationIds uuid[]

    If present, the response is filtered by this list of application ids



Schema array
  • tmid string


  • capabilityType string

    Capability type

  • applications object[]

    Applications assigned to this TapioMachineId

  • applicationId uuid

    Application id

  • displayName string

    Display name

  • aadClientIds string[]

    Assigned AAD client ids

  • endpoints object[]

    List of endpoints

  • id uuid

    Internal id

  • endpointType string

    Endpoint type, "eventhub" or "storageAccount"

  • endpointValue

    Connection information for the endpoint

  • tags string[]