tapio Connectivity

    tapio CloudConnector

    To make tapio a woodworking ecosystem, we needed a generic way, to send data from woodworking machines to the tapio ecosystem. We therefore created a piece of software, called the tapio CloudConnector. It gets installed either on a machine itself or on a windows computer, that's connected to the machine via ethernet and sends data to an Azure IoT Hub. Once the CloudConnector is configured via .xml configuration file, it's ready to send data.

    An advanced documentation on the tapio CloudConnector can be found in the CloudConnector Documentation

    Connection States

    Since not every machine has an active CloudConnector installed, we introduced multiple states for a machine's connection. There are currently four types of connection states a machine can have in tapio

    State Description Icon
    Active The machine is able to connect to tapio through the CloudConnector. Active
    In verification tapio service needs to verify your machine and approve it. In verification
    Not possible Your machine is not able to connect to tapio. Not possible
    Limited Your machine has limited tapio functionality enabled. That usually means the machine has no active cloud connection but a user can e.g. create a ticket within tapio ServiceBoard for that machine. Limited