Access gobal customer settings via the Global Discovery Service

    tapio's Global Discovery Service API enables to retrieve information of subscriptions. For example, you can retrieve information about application settings which the customer has set, like paper format if you want to print something via a tapio connected application.

    Query application settings


    Parameters Description Datatype Mandatory Default
    subscriptionId The Id of a specific subscription. If no subscription id is specified it will query all subscriptions where you have access to. string(Guid) No -
    offset The offset is the position in the dataset of a particular record. Offset hast to be >= 0. int No 0
    limit The limit defines the maximum of records which are requested. Limit has to be 1 >= 200. int No 25

    Response Model Description

    As a response to this query, you will retrieve an array of objects, wrapping the actual data with the following properties:

    The totalCount defines how many records are total available.

    Properties Description Datatype
    subscriptionId The Id of the subscription. string(Guid)
    countryId The country a customer specified for his company during registration as 2-letter code according ISO 3611-2 string
    internationalization Internationalization object. Internationalization
    logo Logo object contains information about the uploaded company logo as png format. In case the customer has not specified a logo you will get null for this property Logo

    Internationalization Model Description

    Properties Description Datatype
    locale Locale information according culture information name of .NET, e.g. "de-DE", "en-US" more information, like the. This represents the locale specific settings for e.g. system emails, calendar format, number format and more. string
    timeZone Name of the time zone where the customer is located (as windows standard). string
    currency Currency id based on ISO 4217. string
    systemOfUnits System of units. Possible values: metric and imperial. string
    paperFormat Format of the paper. Possible values: A4 and Letter. string

    Logo Model Description

    Properties Description Datatype
    uri Uri to the company logo with original size. string
    thumbnail Uri to the company logo as thumbnail with the size 64x64 pixel. string

    These links are always valid for two weeks.

    An example JSON response will then look something like this:

        "totalCount": 1,
        "data": [
                "subscriptionId": "b11fb489-6814-43b4-9803-b152812f441d",
                "countryId": "DE",
                "internationalization": {
                    "locale": "de-DE",
                    "timeZone": "W. Europe Standard Time",
                    "currency": "EUR",
                    "systemOfUnits": "Metric",
                    "paperFormat": "A4"
                "logo": {
                    "uri": "",
                    "thumbnail": ""

    If the customer has not set any information, default values will be created depending on the country specified during registration.

    HTTP Status codes

    Status Code Description
    200 The request has succeeded (OK).
    400 The server could not understand the request due to invalid syntax (Bad Request).
    401 The client must authenticate itself to get the requested response (Unauthorized).